How to recognise Eledor bags?

ELEDOR is distinguished by two distinct product lines:


Piping Bags are bags outlined by contrasting piping, and characterised by the iconic UP CLOSURE that combines practicality and design.
The line develops three sizes of bags for three different occasions of use:


With the piping clutch bag you have comfort and different style solutions. You can wear it as a clutch or use it as a wallet.


You can choose to wear Anna as a crossbody or as a clutch bag. Either way, the result rewards sophistication and style.


With Amelia you have just the right amount of space to get through the day. Wear it immediately with its shoulder strap, confident in its capacity.


Distinguished by its elongated shape, to be worn on any occasion with either a superschic shoulder strap or a more sporty crossbody, it is the new iconic bag.

Model: Nina Osadze
Photographer: Christian Carla 


The Cube Sac are models characterised by the central contrasting leather band that highlights their geometries. Hand bags that can also become a rucksack and accompany us on short trips or everyday work. Always accessorised with a shoulder strap.


The iconic Cube Sac, a large handbag for women who love big bags. It transforms into a backpack or a practical work bag thanks to the shoulder strap. Capacious and soft, it becomes a comfortable 48-hour bag or hand luggage.


A medium-sized handbag with a flap closure and a large central zipped pocket inside for personal items that defines its space. With its shoulder strap it can also be carried as a backpack.


Completing the line, Laura is a hoe bag that, when combined with hand bags, becomes an accessory. While carried on its own it is a practical clutch bag.

Ogni nostra borsa si completa con il suo borsellino zippato, che rimarca la nostra attenzione alle clienti.

Do you dream of a customised bag?

ELEDOR customers can benefit from a style consultancy service that will allow them to personalise their bag. You will be able to choose and match colours and leathers to make your ELEDOR bag unique and perfectly complement your style and personality.
A direct line available to customers for their enhancement.


Women for women!

ELEDOR women have a strong personality and character, they do not like to conform to the masses, but like to wear sophisticated clothes that reflect them and enhance their femininity.
They do not believe that it is the ostentation of a brand that gives them value but prefer things that make them feel good, that excite them, that give them joy, they know how to choose what and how to wear.

ELEDOR has a style that is not shouty, discreet but of excellent quality, perfectly in line with QUIET LUXURY. This concept is distinguished by a more sober, essential and refined approach, both in fashion and design.

We wanted to give each bag a woman’s name, not only because the item itself belongs to the feminine world, but to remember important women who made history through a valiant feat such as Amelia Earhart, the first woman pilot to fly over the Pacific.
The largest size of the AMELIA Piping Bag, for example, bears her name.

For ANNA, also from the Piping Bag line, we were inspired by Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, accused by him of high treason, adultery and witchcraft.

To GIADA, the brand’s iconic bag, we associated the name of a precious stone as well as enthusing over its almost suave sound.

And so were all the others, right down to the name of one of the two founders, Dorella Bicego, to whom the Cube Sac DORELLLA was dedicated, the first bag in the line that also became iconic.

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