A product son of the most skilful Italian manufacturing.

ELEDOR bags are unique because they are made, one by one, by skilful craftsmen, with highly sustainable processes. This means having the value of non-industrial, non-series production, where every single piece, in every detail, enjoys the care and attention of masters of art.

In fact, to produce our bags we have chosen the most skilful Italian artisan manufacture, located near Venice, on the historic Riviera del Brenta, which every day, with the quality of its work, contributes to enhancing the value of Made in Italy in the world.
ELEDOR bags are made using only natural raw materials, of the highest quality and always from traceable and renewable sources.

Beauty combined with quality and durability, this means that the customer makes an investment that will not lose value over time thanks to the excellent value for money.

Each bag is created individually, its realisation begins only after our customer’s order. All this makes that bag a unique, dedicated, unrepeatable piece, and for these reasons delivery takes at least fifteen days.

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