Alone we are Elena and Dorella. Together we are ELEDOR.

Elena Rigon was born in Padua, the city where she lives. Dreamer, Visionary, Precise.
With a professional background at managerial level as Retail Manager Business Development for well-known brands including Max Mara, Maliparmì and Pal Zileri, she says of herself:

“I sleep a lot because I ignite my dreams, I read books because I am an incurable romantic. Sport is my passion, the mountains my peace. I love good food, I adore good wine and I drink beer. Freedom is my sense of spirit’.

The ‘E’ in ELEDOR is the co – founder and strategy manager. The telephone? It’s her third arm for being always connected and networking.

Dorella Bicego was born in Villafranca di Verona, but lives a stone’s throw from Lake Garda. Elegant, Eclectic, Determined.

With a past as a well-known and established Designer for the Marni eyewear brand as well as Art Director in the style and product office of important Italian eyewear companies, she says of herself:

“I love life, I am light and colour. I feed on beauty and art, my peace is the blue of the sea. I like to be free to change, to mix, to create. I can’t stand hypocrisy, I know what I don’t want, for what I do want, I let life take me.”

The ‘D’ in ELEDOR is the co – founder and designer. Fashion? It is a stimulus for the imagination and the way to always find your own style.

The Padua-based brand was founded in September 2021 after proven experience in the fashion and luxury industry. When the two founders Elena and Dorella combined their names into ELEDOR, they did much more than create a brand. They thought about women’s needs and sewed the dictates of a modern and refined style onto them.

Their mission is to make bags one by one, through the most skilful Italian craftsmanship, that of the Riviera del Brenta, with natural raw materials of the highest quality with traceability certifications, always from renewable sources and highly sustainable processing, without waste and emissions. Bags that last over time and never go out of fashion, with a sophisticated style, designed for women with personality and character, who do not like to conform.

The slogan phrase that represents and reflects them is: “feel your bag and smile” because in women’s bags there is not only a way of objects but also a smile.

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